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Published monday, february 17 2020
  • Understand the potential for voice based searches and optimize your content accordingly

  • Use chatbots for great user experience and focus on delivering personalise content to your users

  • Use AR/VR technology for futuristic shopping experiences and use social media to sell your product

  • Build a community and engage users as much as you can

Online tool showing viral digital trends
Online tool showing viral digital trends

Digital Marketing practices are transforming at a very fast pace and with the introduction of tech, it has become essential to catch up with what’s going on in the industry and how we can use this change to market our products in a way , much more efficient than before. Over the past few years some groundbreaking technologies have been introduced which have really changed the game for marketers all over the world. SEO, Social media marketing, Funnel optimization have always been there for us, but now we need to catch up with the trends and analyse our user’s behaviour.

Our task is to stay updated with all these new trends so that we can fulfil our customer’s need as a digital marketer and optimize their marketing campaigns to bring great results.

So as we progress into this year, let’s have a look at what might change the digital landscape in 2020.

1) Voice Based Search 

With reports suggesting that over 50% of online searches by 2020 will come from voice based systems like Alexa, Google Assistant it’s evident how important this technology is. More and more people are avoiding the hassle to go to a search engine and look for answers and thus, turning to voice based search is the way to go.

Now it is agreed that you can do a lot with these voice based searches but there’s one more aspect where it could harm your presence. These searches do not give any control to the user over what they hear. In most cases the user gets satisfied with what he hears from Siri or Alexa. To rank better and show up in these searches you may use more long tail keywords as they provide you a better opportunity to get recognised by Engines as a relevant search result. Products like Jetson have made it easier than ever before to set up such models.

2) Chatbots

A chatbot can attend to the queries of your customers while you're away!
A chatbot can attend to the queries of your customers while you're away!

Users are becoming more impatient these days and need instant answers. Chatbots are a great way to provide your users an amazing User experience. All their queries are answered without the hassle of contacting anyone and giving them a more personalized and accurate solution with the help of AI.

3) Personalized Content 

Well, it’s 2020 and almost everyone is pushing out the same non specific content which people are tired of consuming. What your audience wants to see is something that caters to their needs. Now, Email marketing has been there for a long time but what you need to do is, deliver great personalised content to your users which gives them a feeling of a 1 to 1 environment being established . You can send welcome Emails with the user's name, show them the things for which they have been looking online instead of sending them out monotonous and boring content.

4) Disrupt with AR/VR

A kid using Virtual Reality headset
A kid using Virtual-Reality headset

With coronavirus pandemic hitting the world and the rate at which the virus is spreading, it is evident that people will avoid hitting the streets for a long time, at least till a vaccination is successfully introduced. Now if you are a product company you can heavily use AR and VR technology to give your customers an in-store shopping experience right at their doorstep. Tools have made it easy to make Online store lookalikes where users can walk in online and pick items right from the shelf to get them delivered at their doorstep.

5) Shoppable Posts

Over the years we have seen how the impulse buy culture has been declining. People now make smart decisions and thoroughly evaluate the market before making a purchase decision.With apps like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest introducing Shoppable posts you may now have the opportunity to influence the user’s purchase decision and make their shopping experience more immersive and hassle free.

6) Interactive and User Generated Content

A couple interacting online in a community
A couple interacting online in a community

Now UGC has been there for quite some time now but it still gives great results when implemented properly. You can now focus on building micro communities for your audiences and make highly engaging interactive content for the users. Q&A sessions, Quizzes, user polls are some ways to drive engagement and get the eyeballs.