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Published Monday, february 3 2020
  • Have a good load time or page speed for your website. Nobody likes waiting for pages to load and the bounce rate for slow loading pages is very high.

  • Make your website mobile friendly. Most of the people browse on their mobiles and it’s important to give them a good user experience

  • Do extensive keyword research so that you can get ranked and people can see you when they search for relevant keywords

  • Make as many backlinks as you can. They help increase your authority and thus your rankings

  • Create a great social media presence and post regularly to engage with your audience

Webpage analytics tool
Webpage analytics tool

We all know about how tough the competition has been last year and it’s bound to increase in the coming decade. With more companies going for a digital first approach you really need to know how to catch up with those crazy techniques to position your brand above your competitors. One of those is SEO. Yes, we all know that you have a great product, and an even greater idea or much importantly, passion. But you need to get the word out in the world. Considering the scenario that you have got it all figured out in your mind, it's time for people to know about you.

And what do people do when they want to know about something? They google the heck out of it.

This is a short guide about how you can take all the guns and bullets in your hands, and target the right audience.

Let’s get started:

1) Page Speed Optimization

A tool by google to check page speed insights for your website
A tool by google to check page speed insights for your website

When you publish your website on the internet google crawls through it and analyses how much time it takes to load. The more time it takes the lower your ranking will be. It is very important to have an optimised website with great page speeds.

2) Mobile Friendly

A person using a mobile friendly website for shopping
A person using a mobile friendly website for shopping

A report published recently tells that 60% of the traffic on the internet comes from mobile devices. So you should really ensure that your website is friendly for mobile users. Make sure that your website is highly responsive and caters the need of every user, be it mobile or desktop.

3) Keyword Research

Key points required to perform Search Engine Optimization
Key points required to perform Search Engine Optimization

Now you really know what you are doing and want to do. But it's important to know how people look for it as well. To have a great SEO ranking you should know about the keywords that people look for when searching something related to your product.
One way of doing it is to use different tools like SEMrush, ahrefs or the google keyword planner. But this can cost you some time, energy and effort. So let's ponder over a more effective trick which can save you some time. The next time you are out there looking for keywords and thinking which ones would work best, just research about what keywords your competitors use. Based on their implementation and ranking you’ll get a pretty fair idea about what keywords to use.

4) Get those Backlinks

Google crawls through every website and checks which of them contain links for others. When an authoritative page adds a link to your page in some relevant content, your authority increases too. Further if you mention such links which make people go to them, it also increases the authority of your page. If a digital marketing institute adds your digital marketing blog, that increases the authority.

5) Social Media

Different social media platforms that are used for marketing
Different social media platforms that are used for marketing

Although we know that social media pages do not attribute to any ranking, they still help you a lot. The key here is to make people watch your content. The more they watch, the more they’ll share and maybe add links to your content too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or in some cases, linkedin are a few platforms to start with to build your social media presence.